All of our QR Codes are backward compatible with existing QR Code Scanning applications, so there is no need for specialized software. QR Ready gives you complete control of Your QR Codes at any time,
even after they're printed!

Complete Control

Decide What, When, and How your Content is Presented to Anyone Scanning your QR Code. Or, Limit Who can view the Contents by Setting a Password.

Optimized for speed

Our QR Code Management System is Optimized to Serve Content Incredibly Fast, and Utilizes the latest in Software Technology for Improved Performance.

Highly Customizable

QR Code Branding, Enable/Disable QR Codes, Managed QR Codes, Device Specific/Targeted Content, Password Protection, and Hosted Content!

Easy to Use, Configurable

Our Custom Built QR Management System is built to be Easy to Use and Highly Configurable. Manage Your QR Code at any time.

Targeted Content

Target Content based on the Scanning Device Platform - We support Web, iOS, Android, as well as Custom Header Specific URL's. The Device Platform is Detected at Scan Time to insure that the appropriate Content is Presented every time.

Dedicated support

Contact us anytime by phone: Phone: 419.777.3239 or email sales@qrready.com, we're here to help you get the most out of your QR Codes, and Marketing Efforts.


  • Smart Routing.
  • Scan Notifications.
  • Scan Metrics and Reporting.
  • Password Protection.
  • Incredible Flexibility.
  • Branding Tools.
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